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The 5 things you can give to your pre-schooler without spending a rupee!

I have 2 marvels in my life – my work as an early childhood educator and my 4-year old niece. The more time I invest in both – discussing, playing, researching, teaching, and parenting, the higher I feel the need to “invest” more with my children and talking to adults, parents and educators about the things I learn from them.

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Why I recommend working with young children to every woman!

When I was an 8-year old my favourite game was ‘Teacher-Teacher’, My sister, my cousins, my friends and every soft toy has been my student during role-play. And I was proudly the “Teacher”.

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Five Things to Do with Your Child at a Restaurant

You are finally there, at the restaurant you had been planning to go to for days and weeks.
You had it all sorted. Dress-up, pack up and get there – your little bundle of excitement in tow.

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