Counselling & Therapy

With a contrasting change in interpersonal relationships within families, there is a growing need for nurturing relationships. Our sensitive counsellors, psychologists and developmental educators help identify and overcome personal, social and emotional issues from early years to adulthood.

We also specialize in dealing with children with special needs, learning disabilities and developmental delays. Our aim is to help in specific areas of development such as motor skills, visual perception, language skills, concept formation, reasoning and higher cognition or other areas needing improvement.

One of our key programs is a caregiver program designed to empower parents and family members to create a home environment and interaction style to ensure effective and meaningful improvement. We also provide excellent occupational therapists, home educators and support programs for our clients.

Counselling teens and young adults on personal, social, emotional, career and relationship issues is also one of our most well-received programs amongst youngsters.