Learning synapses’ is an educational solution partner for preschools, schools and parents. It is an endeavor to enrich children’s learning experiences by empowering schools, teachers and parents.

Learning Synapses signifies the neurological process of how learning takes place. With great emphasis given to brain development in the early years through research and publication, we take this into practical implementation. Our expertise lies in providing solutions which maximize the learning by providing meaningful and impactful learning solutions through our curriculum, infrastructure, learning environment, adult education & training programs and counseling sessions.

Our core services include start to end set up solutions for new educational ventures ranging from pedagogy, curriculum development, designing the school & learning areas, interiors and infrastructure and staff development & training.

Our team of counselors & developmental educators also provide solutions for children with behviour problems, learning disabilities, developmental delays & special needs.

We also provide complete solutions in setting up your own preschool brand and launch a unique proposition for your company. We provide educational, logistics, marketing and financial solutions which maximize your returns from the venture.