Staff Enrichment and Training in India

At Learning Synapses, we give great attention to empowering the adults in the school to implement an enriched early childhood program for children, All training programs whether knowledge based or skill based emphasize on adults learning by doing & actively participating in the training experiences.

Our experienced team delivers on-site, quality training programs for all levels of staff i.e. Supervisors, administrators, teachers, support staff & security personnel.


Induction Training:
These training programs can be arranged as Induction training when teachers or other staff members join the school to be familiarized with the pedagogy/ educational philosophy of the institute, roles and responsibilities, daily routines, policies and procedures and other important information that would make teaching and learning more effective.

Curriculum/Academic Training:
These trainings emphasize on helping teachers understand and imbibe the teaching philosophy and methodologies followed by the school. Subject experts make it an easy transition from theory and approaches into practical and classroom implementation.
These can be conducted for any educational approach followed by the school like Whole child, Montessori approach, Playway method, Theme based curriculum, Reggio Emilia approach, Theory of Multiple Intelligence, Developmentally appropriate classrooms, Integrated/Eclectic approach or others.

Academic training programs also include important knowledge-based trainings which are essential for the teacher to work effectively with children. These include trainings for teacher to understand learning styles, learning environment, literacy, numeracy, readiness, documentation and other important areas.

Skill based training:
Teacher are expected to be multi faceted and skilled in a preschool. Trainings based on specific skill sets can be arranged in order to overcome difficulties faced by the school or teachers while teaching or interacting with children. Some skill based training program conducted for teacher include phonics, creativity, story telling, handling behavior issues, learning disabilities or children with special needs.

Counsellor training programs:
Training programs for the counsellors/individuals handling inquiries and admissions are based on improving the financial or business proposition for the school.

Principal/Administration/Leadership training programs:
These training programs are aimed at organisational efficiency and effectiveness. The aim is to improve the practices in the school by adopting a top to bottom efficiency model.