Make your enterprise steady by adding our unique income generating programs to your early years offerings!

Target Group:

  • Existing Pre-School Owners
  • Early Childhood Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs aiming for low-investment options, with / without a designated space (i.e. can run at another pre-school or space taken on hourly rent)
Name of the Service Description
(Parent Toddler) Program
A perfectly tailored offering for learners from 10 month onwards, enabling you to engage with your target group much earlier!
Day Care Program Utilise your space better by offering extended care services for children of all ages!
After School Programs Choose from a list of varied short-duration programs, ideal to utilise your space post-preschool hours
Summer / Winter / Special Camps Cater to innovative theme-based summer camps, winter camps, reading camps and others, ideal to utilise your space during vacations.

Existing clients:

  • Blossoms School, Meerut
  • RBK International School
  • Mainadevi Bajaj International School
  • P.G. Garodia School, Mumbai
  • Helen O’ Grady International, Mumbai
  • Serra International Pre-School, Mumbai
  • Little Lamps, St. Mira School, Bangalore
  • Sandipani Pre-School, Mumbai
  • Vriksha Pre-School and Day Care Centre, Mumbai