One line description of our service to them: Scale and multiply your enterprise by opting for our franchising and expansion services.

Target Group:

  • Existing Pre-School Owners
  • Early Childhood Entrepreneurs looking at scaling / moving into multiple location business
  • Franchisors looking at creating a large-scale Franchisee brand
Name of the Service Description
Customised Curriculum with your Brand Copyright An exclusive early years curriculum, tailored to your brand’s needs and growth plan, with an understanding of context, geographies and audiences you will be catering to, with multiple locations and set-ups.
Standard Operating Procedures To overcome those time-consuming and process-based struggles of getting all your locations to have the ideal look-and-feel, same brand experience, standardised infrastructure, high-quality academics and teaching you’re going to need a partner like us to build your systems and procedures!

Ideal to handout to franchisees, school leaders and pre-school owners, choose our operating manuals and systematic processes.

Franchising Get franchising right with our experienced team building your franchisee systems from manuals to agreements, decisions to detailing.
Training and Development Experience impactful, practical and thought-provoking trainings, right from franchisors, business partners, education leaders, teachers and support staff!

Existing clients:

  • Dots-n-Tots Playschool, Kolhapur, Mumbai,
  • Garodia International
  • Beehive Pre-School (by Garodia Education